Facilities Are Mission Critical

People spend an average of 85% of their time indoors. It’s no wonder that facilities are often an organization’s second largest expense and the biggest long-term financial obligation.

PenBay Solutions understands that facilities are mission critical,
as are you, the professionals that manage and protect them.

Solve Problems with the InVision Software Suite from PenBay Solutions.

InVision™ Facilities GIS™ software uses location as the organizing principle to create order out of complex facility data—making your information more intelligible and valuable. By managing your facility data geographically, InVision integrates both sides of the building envelope to better facilitate strategic portfolio planning as well as day-to-day facility management, operations, maintenance, and safety and security. InVision solutions provide comprehensive data integration and application interoperability to better connect, visualize, and interact with information from multiple systems and solve problems in all stages of the facility lifecycle.

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You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and it’s difficult to measure what you cannot see. Yet it is nearly impossible to see the whole picture if your facility management data is stored in isolated systems. At the core of all InVision solutions, InVision™ Foundation links your disparate data sources and business systems together. As you gain a new, comprehensive perspective, your teams get more effective at managing your property portfolio in ways that create and amplify strategic outcomes like cost savings, growth, profitability, and risk mitigation.

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What do I have? And where is it? The larger the property portfolio, the more expensive it becomes when these questions cannot be answered quickly and accurately. InVision™ InSite for portfolio planning and management aggregates and visualizes data to give you a truly holistic perspective of your portfolio.

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Where are my spaces and assets? How are they being used and by who? What condition are they in? Precise answers to questions like these are vital to achieving your mission-critical objectives of creating better environments for building occupants while positively impacting your organization’s bottom line. Using data-rich, interactive, map-based visualizations, you can leverage InVision™ FM to better understand and more effectively manage and maintain spaces, assets, utilities, and infrastructure—indoors, outdoors, and underground.

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Do I understand our risks? Do I have appropriate response plans in place? Do my local public safety organizations understand and have access to our response plans? In any emergency, the effectiveness of your response can mean the difference between lives saved or lost, and between property destroyed or protected. InVision™ Secure makes it easier for you to protect your property and the people and assets it accommodates.

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Impact Your Mission.

How do I and my organization benefit from using InVision Software for facility management and safety and security? In short, InVision solutions help you address key challenges throughout the facility lifecycle—saving time and money, protecting lives and assets, and creating safe and productive environments for building occupants and site visitors.

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InVision FM