InVision Software Brings the Visualization & Analytical Power of GIS to Facility Management & Public Safety

As portfolios become more expansive, buildings more complex, and safety and security more paramount, facility and emergency management teams are increasingly being asked to make greater contributions to their organization’s strategic objectives, like growth, cost savings, profitability, risk management and public safety. To effectively contribute to such goals, you need to make informed decisions based on accurate data as you manage your buildings, assets, people, events and infrastructure.

InVision software from PenBay Solutions is the answer.

InVision Secure InVision FM InVision InSite InVision Software

Portfolio Management

InVision InSite uses maps and graphical representations to easily visualize data like indoor floor plans, outdoor site plans, financial data, asset attributes and market research, bringing new opportunities to light. These fresh insights support informed decisions that optimize portfolio performance, save time and reduce costs and risk.


InVision FM gives you a better understanding of your facilities through visual representations of your spaces and assets within a building, on a campus, or across a portfolio. InVision FM makes it easier for you to substantiate operations and maintenance decisions that improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costs for your organization.

Safety & Security

InVision Secure for risk analysis, emergency planning and emergency response helps you substantiate vital decisions about safety and security. By helping you visualize the locations of people and assets—and how they relate to their physical environments—InVision Secure provides critical insights into protecting lives and property.