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Facilities represent some of the world’s greatest concentrations of financial capital and physical resources. As buildings become more complex and portfolios more expansive, facility teams are increasingly being asked to make greater contributions to the organization’s strategic objectives, like growth, cost savings, profitability and risk management. To best contribute to such goals, you need to make informed decisions based on accurate data as you manage your buildings, assets, people and infrastructure.

PenBay Solutions has developed the InVision software suite to cohesively address a full range of facility management needs, from strategic portfolio planning and management, to day-to-day operations, maintenance and security. InVision brings the visualization and analytical power of GIS (geographic information systems) to facility and public safety data and workflows, helping you more easily conceptualize information to substantiate decisions and identify new opportunities that support your organization’s strategic objectives.

PenBay Solutions is an Esri Gold Partner with more than fifteen years of experience in successfully implementing GIS solutions for a broad spectrum of clients in a wide variety of industries.

Vision: Because Seeing is More than Believing.

Vision represents our commitment and capacity to help you aggregate, analyze and understand facilities and public safety data through graphical visualizations that drive highly informed decisions. Visualization is a powerful means to fully understanding the built environment, helping you align portfolio and safety goals with your organization’s overall strategic objectives resulting in:

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