Facilities represent some of the world’s greatest concentrations of financial capital and physical resources. In fact, real estate costs are second only to human resources for commercial businesses. As buildings become more complex and portfolios more expansive, it is the mission of facility teams to make greater contributions to their organizations’ strategic objectives, like growth, cost savings, profitability and risk management. To achieve this mission, you and your organization need to overcome the day-to-day challenges that often hinder the effectual planning, managing, protecting and improving of facilities – all with limited budgets and resources.

Whether your real estate portfolio is leased, owned, global or local, your facility management team is responsible for:

  • The daunting tasks of developing, operating, maintaining and protecting a diverse real estate portfolio over a long period of time.
  • Optimizing for peak portfolio performance, meeting goals that align with your organization’s overall mission.
  • Minimizing costs through reduced space vacancies, improved energy efficiency, and proactive asset management and preventive maintenance.
  • Collecting, planning managing and reporting of facility requirements for capital planning and budget forecasting.
  • Identifying opportunities for expansion or consolidation.
  • Adhering to environmental and safety regulations.
  • Mitigating risk to improve the safety and security of people and facilities.

InVision: Your Mission-Critical Commercial Facility Management Solution

PenBay Solutions understands these challenges, that there is a wide range of stakeholders, and that each needs a specific solution to manage the tasks for which they are responsible. The InVision software suite has been developed to help you and your organization solve both tactical and strategic challenges throughout the facility lifecycle—saving time and money, protecting lives and assets, and creating safe and productive environments for building occupants.

How Does InVision Work?

Your ability to see the whole picture is constrained if your facilities related data is stored in isolated locations or disparate systems that don’t reflect the complex interdependencies found in your real estate portfolio. InVision is a flexible offering that can incorporate nearly any data source, including floor plans from building information models (BIMs) or computer aided design (CAD) drawings, regional demographics, and infrastructure maps—the possible data sources are expansive.

With InVision, you can suddenly see how things interact and intersect in one place, as they do in the real world—from indoor space allocations and outdoor site maps, to maintenance schedules, service requests, assets, resources, and safety and event information. As InVision aggregates data from multiple sources, it renders your portfolio and associated assets and resources as they exist, using accurate, real-time data-rich maps, floor plans and graphical representations. InVision acts as a lens to bring focus to any aspect of your portfolio, campus, building, asset, infrastructure, and safety and security data, informing essential decisions throughout the facility lifecycle.

InVision combines facility and resource data with location information so users in your organization can, for example, locate, view or select a building or campus to:

  • Determine proximity to potential customers, suppliers and distribution channels
  • Optimize space allocation and occupancy
  • Manage assets—both indoors and outdoors
  • Manage service requests through structured, user-defined workflows
  • Improve lease management processes
  • Meet ADA and other compliance requirements
  • Inform capital planning and budget forecasting decisions
  • Assess risk and plan incident responses with internal teams and public safety organizations

Whether you are part of a commercial business, financial institution, retail business or non-profit organization, InVision can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or integrated with incumbent enterprise systems, extending the value of your existing technology investments.

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