National Defense organizations are tasked with the critical mission of providing the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of our country and its foreign interests. To support this mission, defense organizations must plan, design, operate, maintain and deploy a wide variety of weapons systems and platforms as well as recruit, house, train and provide for the personnel necessary to operate them.

A vital part of a country’s defense is its military installations, both home and abroad, which encompass all of the operating issues of a small city with the added requirements of supporting mission, personnel, functions and equipment. In order to operate efficiently and effectively, these military cities are required to provide suitable and safe environments that promote mission readiness and access to necessary resources. To meet these requirements, you and your organization face significant day-to-day challenges related to effectively planning, managing and improving installation facilities and environments while providing for and protecting military personnel, civilian staff and families – all with limited budgets and resources.

From the office, to the installation, to the entire facility inventory, you and your defense organization are responsible for:

  • The daunting tasks of locating, operating, maintaining and protecting a diverse real estate portfolio over a long period of time.
  • The facilities, grounds, utilities and assets that make up this portfolio, which are one of the largest financial components of your organization’s budget and therefore a popular focal point of citizens, defense leaders and national government alike.
  • Determining an installation’s location based on changing geopolitics or reassigning space for new organizational missions under BRAC.
  • Managing and maintaining assets, and planning and managing MILCON projects
  • Developing and sharing antiterrorism/force protection plans with security personnel

InVision: Your National Defense Infrastructure and Environment Solution

PenBay Solutions understands these challenges and that you have a wide range of constituents involved in the effective planning, management and security of your defense installations. The InVision software suite has been developed to help you and your organization solve both tactical and strategic challenges throughout the facility lifecycle—saving time and money, protecting lives and assets, creating safe and productive environments for military and civilian personnel, and maintaining mission readiness.

How Does InVision Work?

Your ability to see the whole picture is constrained if your installation and environment related data is stored in isolated locations or disparate systems that don’t reflect the complex inter-dependencies found in the installation construct. Because InVision can incorporate nearly any data source, you can suddenly see how things interact and intersect in one place, as they do in the real world—from indoor space allocations and outdoor site maps, to maintenance schedules, service requests, assets, utilities, and safety and environmental information.

As InVision aggregates data from multiple sources, it renders your installation and associated assets and resources as they exist using accurate, real-time data-rich maps, floor plans and graphical representations. InVision acts as a lens to bring focus to any aspect of your of your inventory, installation, facility or asset, informing essential decisions throughout the facility lifecycle.

InVision combines facility, infrastructure and resource data with location information so users can, for example, locate, view, select or report on installation infrastructure status and condition, including:

  • Airfields
  • Roadways
  • Utilities
  • Security perimeters
  • Anti-terrorism and force protection assets
  • Grounds and landscape

InVision Works with Your Data

InVision is built to support your data standards including the service-level implementations of SDS-FIE. InVision has extensive data interoperability tools to automate the movement of standards-based data across different formats including CAD, BIM, and GIS. The use of InVision on your installation will leverage and extend the value of existing data, improve data quality and support best practice workflows.

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