The public safety community is responsible for a wide range of mission critical services to ensure the safety and security of their communities. These tasks include everything from enforcing laws to putting out fires – and as cities increase in population, these tasks become even more critical. For local fire departments, law enforcement and emergency managers, access to situational awareness can mean the difference between life and death, and property saved or lost.

All too often, incidents occur within the built environment, frequently presenting dangerous blind spots for emergency response personnel. Being able to see the complete operational picture, indoors and outdoors, above ground and below ground, is absolutely essential to both preventing incidents and coordinating effective responses.

To achieve their mission, the many different organizations involved in ensuring the safety of our communities need the appropriate tools and information necessary to support good decision-making and execution around:

  • Identifying trends and hotspots in public safety risks
  • Creating and maintaining emergency pre-plans
  • Inspecting fire safety and security systems
  • Compiling building intelligence, including floor plans
  • Facilitating drills and tabletop exercises
  • Supporting special event planning and operations
  • Implementing real-time, data-rich maps for CAD/Dispatch
  • Facilitating multi-agency emergency incident coordination
  • Providing field access to critical information

InVision: Your Mission-Critical Public Safety Solution

PenBay Solutions understands these challenges, and that you have a wide range of stakeholders that each need a specific set of tools to achieve the outcomes for which they are responsible. The InVision software suite was developed to help you solve both tactical and strategic challenges that arise throughout the public safety lifecycle. InVision enables organizations to save time and money, protect lives and assets, and create safe and productive environments that support their communities and the mission.

How Does InVision Work?

Your ability to effectively create pre-plans and support incident response relies on access to up-to-date information. InVision provides an integrated platform to help support many stakeholders throughout your organization (and across organizations), enabling risk analysts, pre-planners, field personnel, and operations staff to leverage the same information. InVision is a flexible offering that can incorporate nearly any data source, including floor plans, AVL feeds, live weather, and critical infrastructure — the possible data sources are expansive. The InVision software suite serves as a platform to easily integrate diverse information with other contextual data to provide a holistic view of your local, regional, or statewide common operational picture.

InVision makes it possible to bring together information and intelligence feeds from multiple sources and view them in one streamlined, map-based view. Users can see their GIS data along with intelligence assets and drill down into infrastructure to view buildings and structures floor by floor.

With InVision, your complex interior/exterior planning, facility, utilities, security and environmental data can be visualized together in much the same way as you see and interact with it in the real world. InVision brings your pre-planning data, intelligence data and analyses to life using accurate, real-time data-rich maps, floor plans, and intuitive graphical representations.

InVision supports a myriad of configurable workflows and activities, such as:

  • Perform spatial-temporal risk analysis, and identify hotspots both outdoors and indoors
  • View building floor plans within a map and understand complex infrastructure
  • Create and manage emergency pre-plans using multiple agency templates
  • Support multi-agency special event planning and management
  • Track the location of items on floor plans, such as fire extinguishers, HAZMAT storage cabinets or other critical assets
  • Perform field inspections of outdoor or indoor assets, such as fire hydrants or CCTV cameras
  • Provide situational awareness to operations – view live CCTV, CAD/AVL, BlueForce Tracking data in the map view
  • Enable field access for personnel for inspections or incident response

InVision can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or integrated with existing enterprise systems, extending the value of your technology investments.

InVision Works with Your Data

InVision is built to support your data standards. InVision has extensive data interoperability tools to automate the movement of standards-based data across different formats including CAD, BIM, and GIS. The use of InVision in your organization will leverage and extend the value of existing data, improve data quality and support best practice workflows. It is also NIMS compliant, and can be customized to use your localized map symbology.

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