InVision is Built on a Strong Foundation

InVision Foundation

At the core of all InVision solutions is InVision FoundationTM. IVF provides the underlying platform upon which all the InVision modules and applications are empowered. This framework supplies a wide array of features that are common throughout the InVision software suite, as well as the information model, configuration engine, and security infrastructure required for every implementation.

InVision Foundation is the underlying technology of every InVision solution implementation, providing core functionality in several key areas, including:
  • Data Management & System Integration
  • Centralized Administration & Security Management
  • Reporting Services
  • Access Anywhere
InVision Foundation

Facility Managers Are Mission Critical and InVision Foundation Enables You To:

  • Make sense of the vast information you need to do your job. InVision Foundation provides the data integration and systemic reference, intelligence, and interoperability needed to connect disparate information silos. InVision Foundation uses location as the organizing principle™ to create order out of this prolific and complex information.
  • Validate decisions. As you see this data on map-based visualizations served up from InVision Foundation’s rendering engine, you can better understand how things interact and intersect in one place, helping you validate both strategic and tactical decisions that solve problems throughout the facility lifecycle.
  • Protect your existing data and technology investments. Link your data sources and business systems together so you can see how things interact and intersect in one place.
  • Improve productivity. Give stakeholders access to the specific tools and information they need at any given moment to do their jobs effectively.
  • Keep your vital facility and safety information secure. Role-based security ensures that information is disseminated only to audience members that are allowed access to it.
  • Better communicate with FM stakeholders. The reporting framework helps you generate comprehensive and customizable reports that you can display on maps, making complex facility information easier to visualize, communicate, and understand.
  • Access anywhere. InVision Foundation’s mobile application framework makes it easier to find key points of interest while also helping your team members save time when conducting inventory and inspections in the field.

Streamline & Increase the Value of Existing Data and Incumbent Systems.

Data is a top concern of most organizations when they are considering the potential adoption of an InVision Facilities GIS solution. You are cautious because linking software systems together has historically been difficult and expensive. That’s one of the reasons why functions like space assignment, lease financials, asset management, energy consumption, physical plant operations, environmental health, and safety and security operations are so often managed by many different and disconnected systems.

The good news is that today, InVision Foundation can link your data sources and business systems together so you can see how things interact and intersect in one place—from portfolio performance metrics, to indoor space utilization calculations, outdoor maintenance schedules, and security pre-plans and incident response information. InVision’s data interoperability tools have evolved so substantially that data integration challenges have been largely overcome. In fact, data completeness and accuracy are usually improved within a facility management organization when your systems are integrated using InVision Foundation and standards-based workflows.

Web services and API integration options have also opened many doors for connecting and exchanging information between existing systems. Information that may have been accessible to only a subset of your organization suddenly increases in value as its combined with other data and becomes accessible to a broader group of users. So rather than abandon or replace systems and data, your organization can extend the value of existing software, information, and workflows through InVision Foundation’s comprehensive data integration and interoperability.

What Happens to Existing Information Stored in Current Systems of Record?

Prevailing data sources and systems are embraced and leveraged along with existing workflows. No information has to be “migrated” to a new system. Instead, InVision Foundation integrates with existing systems and taps into all those sources to create a consolidated view of your organization’s portfolio, from high-level strategic information down to tactical details.

As an integrative technology, InVision works collaboratively with incumbent data and systems like CAD, BIM, EAM, CAFM, CMMS, IWMS, CCTV, access control, scheduling, and a vast array of related applications. By georeferencing assets, infrastructure, floor plans (to create FloorMaps), and other FM data to their real-world locations, you gain a more complete and accurate understanding of your portfolio.

Well Suited for a Superabundance of Data

The scale and complexity of managing most property portfolios typify the challenges of today’s exponential growth in information. Tools that make it easier to navigate this data continuum can improve daily workflows and planning, creating positive impacts on the efficiency and effectiveness of FM organizations.

Today’s data integration and interoperability are the result of continuous research and development in the software industry. In response to the market’s need to connect growing amounts of data, GIS platform technology has been greatly enhanced over the past three decades. That progress has paved the way for InVision Foundation to bridge a wide variety of systems and data.

InVision Foundation addresses several the key challenges associated with large, complicated, disparate datasets:
  1. Integrating geospatial and traditionally non-geospatial data.
  2. Translating and georeferencing data, and bringing disparate data sources together to provide opportunities for new and intuitive analytics and reporting.
  3. Securing your information using industry standard technology approaches that ensure enterprise security is enforced for all information access.
InVision Foundation sets the stage to help your organization’s stakeholders visualize and work with the specific information they need at any given moment to do their jobs effectively.

Support Your Stakeholders and Secure Your Information.

IFMA describes facility management as a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure the functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process, and technology. The multidisciplinary nature of facility management means that there are many stakeholders in most FM organizations, and each needs specific solutions in order to perform his or her tasks effectively.

InVision Facilities GIS solutions help you solve both tactical and strategic challenges throughout the facility lifecycle. Because InVision software is a scalable and modular technology, no task is too small, and no challenge is too complex. InVision Foundation’s module configuration system means that your solutions can be implemented in a number of ways to fulfill the requirements of a variety of stakeholder roles.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, InVision Foundation provides controls that govern authentication and authorization, constraining what each user can access. InVision supports industry security standards so that your implementation will integrated with your Enterprise Single Sign On system of choice. The security framework is role-based, meaning that every person logging in can only access what their assigned role permits.

InVision Foundation’s Centralized Admin & Security Management Features Include:

InVision Foundation contains an administration system for configuring and publishing new web applications from templates that are driven from a web interface.

  • Easy configuration of new applications from templates.
  • New responsive (mobile) viewer, data manager, and inspector applications can be quickly published from the InVision Foundation Administration system.
InVision Foundation integrates with your enterprise authentication system to ensure that only authorized people have access to appropriate information.

  • SAML2 support for enterprise single sign-on integration
  • Secure application instances to roles

Improve Communications

Increasingly accessible data improves transparency across the organization. An organization may make an inquiry to find the type, status, or condition of places (buildings, spaces, land), people (building owner, operator, occupants), or things (fixed and mobile assets, infrastructure). InVision Foundation’s reporting engine lets you make unlimited queries that can be refined iteratively. InVision Foundation comes with many standard report templates that can be customized, and you can also easily upload your own reports.

Whether graphical, textual, or numerical data is needed for a query—or all of it combined—InVision Foundation provides the framework to find and display the required information. By improving the ability to view, understand, question, interpret, visualize, and manage pertinent property information, important decisions can be quickly validated by facts, saving the organization time while reducing costs.

Take Advantage of the Latest Mobile Technology

InVision Foundation’s mobility framework lets users view and interact with property data on mobile devices, search information that is important to them, and find key points of interest on a map. Working seamlessly across the portfolio, authorized users can also perform work in the field, like conducting space audits, inventorying and inspecting assets, editing existing data, and designing new map features and scenarios. Users can create inspection records associated with items while capturing and attaching photos to ensure all facility and infrastructure data stays current and accurate. All the information captured and modified in the field automatically synchronizes to the centralized InVision Foundation database.

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