InVision Connect

InVision ConnectInVision Connect does just that—it connects the InVision software suite to your existing enterprise systems. If your organization has made substantial investments in computer aided facility management (CAFM) software or integrated workplace management systems (IWMS), InVision Connect extends the value of those investments by integrating the visualization and analytical power of GIS (geographic information systems) with your existing applications.

InVision Connect helps you:

  • Protect and increase the value of your technology. Establish bi-directional data links between the InVision software suite and your CAFM and IWMS applications including Tririga®, ARCHIBUS®, CityWorks® and OnBase®.
  • Validate decisions against your organization’s strategic goals. Use InVision solutions to easily visualize your facility portfolio more holistically.
  • Speed workflows to improve business insight and productivity. Visualize complex information on maps that make it easy to take action on asset intelligence.
  • Get a better understanding of your facilities. Visualize and analyze interior and exterior portfolio data from granular to all-encompassing views.


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