Perform Work in the Field or View Map Data

InVision Mobile ApplicationsInVision Foundation Mobility Framework lets users perform work in the field or view map data on mobile devices.  Whether you’re performing space audits as part of a daily workflow or looking for a location on an unfamiliar campus, InVision has a solution. InVision mobile applications are designed for data authoring, collection, editing, and inspection workflows.

InVision Mobile Viewer

The InVision™ Mobile Viewer is an HTML5 / JavaScript viewer that is designed to work with your favorite mobile devices. You can use the InVision Mobile Viewer to securely deliver a variety of facilities data to other InVision users via smart phones and tablets. The viewer allows you to search for what is important to you across the portfolio, moving seamlessly between the indoors and outdoors, displaying different views of information that may be linked to or related to features of interest on the map.InVision 2.0 Mobile

Some common uses of the InVision Mobile Viewer include:
  • Help your campus community find points of interest, buildings, spaces, etc. across the portfolio.
  • Securely view space assignments to better understand the allocation of spaces to individuals and departments.
  • Manage the location of assets and access information linked to those assets in the field.
  • Securely share emergency plans out in the field where it often matters most.
  • Access lease information on the go.
  • View information linked in from other enterprise systems such as CMMS, IWMS, etc.
The InVision Mobile Viewer enhances…
  • …InVision™ InSite by delivering your portfolio inventory and performance metrics to field-based users on mobile devices.
  • …InVision™ FM by allowing mobile users to securely consume any of your FM data (space, assets, leases, condition, etc.) in the field.
  • …InVision™ Secure by allowing mobile users to remotely consume floor plans, emergency action plans, CCTV camera feeds, and other security information.

InVision Mobile Inspector

The InVision™ Mobile Inspector (also an HTML5 / JavaScript web application) is designed to help you inventory and inspect assets—seamlessly across the indoors and outdoors—throughout your facility portfolio.IV2-Viewer-Phone-400w

InVision Mobile Inspector allows you to go out in the field and:
  • Inventory all manner of items.
  • Create inspection records associated to those items.
  • Capture photos to attach to the items.
  • Upload files to attach to the items.
The InVision Mobile Viewer enhances…
  • …InVision InSite by allowing mobile users to collect portfolio data and conduct field assessments and inspections from their favorite mobile devices.
  • …InVision FM by allowing mobile users to inventory and inspect all sorts of facilities items (spaces, leases, assets, buildings, floors, utilities, etc.) in the field.
  • …InVision Secure by allowing mobile users to remotely inventory and inspect public safety features (e.g., fire extinguishers, door locks, CCTV Cameras, etc.).

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