Facilities GIS is a Unifying Technology Platform for Facility Management

Facilities are mission critical for any organization. From military bases to hospitals, schools, office buildings, and government buildings, your organization cannot function unless your facilities are open for business. But they are costly: facilities-related costs are typically the second largest expense of most organizations right behind salaries and wages.

Facility Management: An Information Intensive Business

The information a facility manager needs in order to obtain a holistic understanding of how the portfolio is performing is likely to come from a variety of disparate enterprise information systems. Space assignment, lease financials, asset and work management, energy consumption, physical plant operations, environmental health and safety, and security operations all have intensive information needs that are being served by many different systems. To tie all these various information sources together into a single comprehensive view of the portfolio, facility managers are increasingly turning to GIS (geographic information system) as a unifying technology platform.

Link Your Data Sources & Business Systems

InVision Facilities Data

Link your data sources and business systems together.

The InVision data framework links your data sources and business systems together. Suddenly you can see how things interact and intersect in one place, as they do in the real world—from indoor space allocations and outdoor site maps, to maintenance schedules and service request workflows, energy usage data, leasing schedules and more. As InVision Foundation aggregates information from multiple sources, it acts as a lens to bring focus to any aspect of your portfolio, facility, and safety and security data, informing essential decisions throughout the facility lifecycle.

Founding Member of FISDMFISDM

PenBay Solutions is a co-founder and active committee member of FISDM (Facilities Information Spatial Data Model open source project).

White Paper: GIS & the Facility Manager – the Data Value Proposition

“Given the advantages that facilities GIS is delivering to organizations of all sizes and scopes, it is no wonder that we are seeing an inflection point in the industry. The standards, the tools and the experience are all solid. The early adopters are proving the value proposition every day. As you enable the movement of data across system and format boundaries, the value of that initial data investment is multiplied several fold. At the end of the day, it’s all about the data.”

– Stu Rich, CTO, PenBay Solutions

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