InVision FM Move Management Solution

InVision FM helps you improve efficiency and reduce costs by helping you visually interact with spaces and assets in ways that validate vital operations and maintenance decisions. InVision FM has always supported move management for small moves, but with InVision 2.1, Moves/Adds/Changes (MAC) can now be managed at the enterprise level for large-scale moves.

InVision FM for MAC helps move managers follow detailed processes to handle large move projects. This is where the visual, map-based interface becomes an even more valuable asset. You can create move manifests, select employees to be moved using queries or graphically on FloorMaps, select destination spaces, and assign people to those spaces. Once the move is complete, you can initiate the action in InVision to update active space assignment records to reflect the changes. The InVision FM Move Management solution also gives you the ability to manage multiple lists of “areas” that can be used for grouping spaces and creating searchable associations beyond standard department assignments.

InVision FM Move Management Features Include:

Small Moves

  • Space Attribution: edit attributes of individual spaces including space type, workgroup, capacity, etc.
  • Space Assignment: move individuals from one space to another as data validation ensures that business rules are appropriately enforced.

Large Moves

  • Select Personnel: uses queries or graphical FloorMaps to select employees for moves.

  • Move Manifests: store information, including personnel to be moved, their origins, and their destinations; associate the move manifest with your move project; generate move manifest reports for review and approval by stakeholders.
  • Select & Assign Destination Spaces: select available destination spaces from FloorMaps; data validation rules and visual feedback assist users in maintaining quality control; assign and un-assign employees to individual spaces.
  • Update Space Assignment Data: use a simple bulk process to update the active space assignment records to reflect the changes made during the move project.


  • Create & Maintain Workgroups: support organizational concepts such as workgroups, teams, pods or other groupings that may not follow strict hierarchical rules; create, update, or archive workgroup records.
  • Associate Workgroups with Spaces: add, change, or remove workgroup assignments from spaces; edits may be done on an individual basis or in bulk.
  • Enhanced Search: a search for the name of a VP might return the location of her office as well as the workgroups with which she is associated, and even the spaces within those workgroups.

InVision FM Move Management Mission Impacts:

The InVision FM Move Management solution streamlines MAC processes so moves are conducted efficiently, cost effectively, and with minimal disruption to employees. With IVFM for MAC, you can:InVision Move Management Solution

  • Maintain accurate data. Assign workgroups, departments, and personnel to spaces using visual, interactive FloorMaps, ensuring that space allocation and chargeback cost center data is accurate and up to date.
  • Optimize scenario planning processes to minimize costs. Use queries to build and save simple what-if scenarios before finalizing and undertaking move projects.
  • Save Time. Once a MAC project is complete, use InVision FM to perform a single bulk process to update active space assignment records to reflect the changes resulting from the move.

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