Accurately Forecast Your Capital Planning Budget

If your organization has a long-term investment in your building portfolio, then you know how challenging it can be to collect, plan, manage and report on your facility requirements to support capital planning and budget forecasting. Despite those challenges, the ability to assess and maintain current information about critical building systems and assets that can be analyzed against standardized lifecycles and replacement costs is key to a successful long-term capital management program.

InVision Capital Planning

Develop capital improvement plans that are based on current, accurate facilities data.

InVision FM Capital Planning Solution

The InVision FMSM Capital Planning Solution helps you collect, upload and consolidate condition assessment data organized by portfolio, campus, building, floor, space and asset. Gather data for key assets – indoors and outdoors – including floors, paving, roofing, doors, operable walls, painting, kitchen equipment, elevators, restrooms, lighting systems, HVAC, fire systems, exterior envelope, and more. Using industry standard types, conditions, lifespans, replacement costs and other relevant attributes, you can leverage InVision FM to develop capital improvement plans that are based on current, accurate facilities data enabling simple financial, system, materials, and condition roll-up reports. This information can then be used for compelling executive dashboards that tie directly into existing budgeting and financial systems to differentiate plan vs. actual.

  • Make smarter capital planning decisions. Easily visualize and report on facilities, systems, and asset conditions and trends to substantiate decisions that enhance capital planning and budgeting.
  • Avoid conflicts between capital projects. Quickly analyze spatial and temporal relationships between planned capital projects and determine priorities.
  • Accurately monitor progress and identify corrective actions. Use the map-based interface to better understand the status of capital projects to simplify reporting and identify any requisite corrective actions. Tie projects directly into budgeting and financial systems to measure plan vs. actual.
  • Access current and accurate information. Identify necessary capital projects, budget levels, expenditure schedules, and critical lifecycle decisions (renovated vs. divested).

The InVision FM Capital Planning Solution is a tailored configuration of InVision software modules, including:

  • InVision Foundation: At the core of all InVision solutions is InVision Foundation. InVision Foundation provides the underlying platform upon which all the InVision modules and applications are empowered.
  • InVision FM Core Module: Through a consolidated database, enhanced visualization, an intuitive dashboard, and advanced reporting, the InVision FM Core module helps you efficiently manage your buildings and assets while preserving their value through proactive planning.

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