Streamline the Process for Reporting Facility Problems and Needs Requests

The larger your facility or real estate portfolio, the more service requests that are generated. Without a consolidated system for receiving and managing service requests, they fall through the cracks, leaving building occupants to fend for themselves.

InVision FM Service Request

Consolidate all service requests through a single system.

InVision FM Service Request Management Solution

The InVision FM Service Request Management Solution gives you a consolidated system to create, edit and distribute observations and service requests about a facility location or asset, whether indoors or outdoors. Use InVision FM to securely and efficiently manage maintenance, environmental issues, and health and safety requests. You can even configure the system to allow public users to generate service requests. With the InVision FM Service Request Management Solution, you can:

  • Save time. Consolidate all service requests through a single system and enable structured workflows for their processing.
  • Improve efficiency. Visualize service requests spatially and cluster work efforts.
  • Protect your facilities investment. Allow a broader community to identify needed repairs.
  • Make smarter decisions. Easily visualize and report on service request metrics for individual buildings, a campus or an entire portfolio.

The InVision FM Service Request Solution is a tailored configuration of InVision software modules, including:

  • InVision Foundation: At the core of all InVision solutions is InVision Foundation. InVision Foundation provides the underlying platform upon which all the InVision modules and applications are empowered.
  • InVision FM Core Module: Whether your facility management processes and workflows are global or regional, the InVision FM Core module will help you improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costs for your organization.

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