InVision InSite

What do I have? And where is it?

The larger the property portfolio, the more expensive it becomes when these questions cannot be answered quickly and accurately. To effectively plan and manage your property, you need a current and comprehensive view of your entire portfolio to ensure you make informed decisions that support your organization’s overall mission.

InVision™ InSite for portfolio planning and management aggregates data to give you a truly holistic view of your portfolio. You may not be the data owner for the information you need, but InVision accepts data from other sources, QA’s it, and makes it available for you to drill down to any level of detail, including sites, buildings, floors, rooms, infrastructure, utilities, and assets. By georeferencing your data, InSite uses location as the organizing principle to provide focus to previously isolated or overly complex data, revealing new opportunities for portfolio performance optimization. This broader insight makes it easier for you to validate critical decisions about property, and capital investment or divestment, that align with your organization’s strategic goals.

With InVision InSite, you will use maps to visualize, compare, and interact with information like indoor FloorMaps; outdoor site plans; financial data; asset, utility, and infrastructure attributes; and demographic data—any information that is relevant to planning and managing your property. The end result is a more thorough understanding of the information you need to support and make mission-critical portfolio planning and management decisions.

Whether your organization is expanding, consolidating, or analyzing the re-allocation of resources, you can use IVI to easily pinpoint information like:
  • Performance metrics for the properties in your portfolioInVision Portfolio Management
  • Overlaps and gaps in the portfolio (your own, or across mergers and acquisitions)
  • Site candidates that meet criteria for new facilities
  • Proximity to suppliers and distribution channels
  • Availability of qualified professionals to hire
  • Surrounding business and population demographics
  • Competitive analysis and market intelligence reports
  • Local market growth potential
  • Regional financial trends and government incentives
  • Thousands of other relevant data points pertinent to your industry

InVision InSite Mission Critical Benefits

Gain full confidence that you have accurate answers to questions like “What do I have?” and “Where is it?” InVision InSite uses location as the organizing principle to create order out of your complex data so you can make better portfolio planning and management decisions faster, while reducing costs and mitigating risks.

  • Support strategic goals. Assess and align portfolio performance goals with your organization’s overall mission.
  • Make smarter decisions. Use consolidated, georeferenced property data to substantiate vital portfolio decisions, including those around acquisitions and divestments.
  • Save time and money. Gain new insights to help maximize portfolio performance in ways that make a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.
  • Improve efficiency. Give stakeholders secure access to the right data, in the right context, at the right scale, and in the right timeframe for highly accurate and effective visualization, interaction, analysis, management, and action.

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