Data & Demographics for Smart Site Selection & Facility Consolidation

It is often difficult to understand or predict portfolio performance without understanding the demographics that impact it over time. Choosing a site for a new facility—or making decisions around consolidation—requires a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape, the market potential for a given location, the costs associated with it, and the demographics of the surrounding area.

InVision Site Selection Analysis

Find the best new sites fast.

InVision InSite Site Analysis Solution

The InVision InSite Site Analysis Solution helps you better understand the optimal locations to place new facilities or expand an existing footprint within an established market area. InVision helps you efficiently analyze underlying demographics and financial trends, run competitive analyses, and determine market potential across large geographic regions. This solution can be configured to address specific market variables unique to an industry, and the complex underlying site analytic models can be accessed through a simple and intuitive interface. With the InVision InSite Site Analysis Solution, you can:

  • Save time. As you expand your portfolio, instant market intelligence helps you select new locations faster.
  • Improve facility performance. Make more accurate, well-informed decisions around site selection to ensure maximum facility performance.
  • Find the best new sites fast. Smart geospatial models pull in thousands of demographic data points for you to identify and compare properties.

The InVision InSite Site Analysis Solution is a tailored configuration of InVision software modules, including:

  • InVision Foundation: At the core of all InVision solutions is InVision Foundation. InVision Foundation provides the underlying platform upon which all the InVision modules and applications are empowered.
  • InVision InSite Core Module:  InVision InSite addresses all of the data and spatial challenges associated with the site analysis, master planning, construction, performance and final disposition stages of the facility lifecycle to help you make better informed decisions, save time, and reduce costs and risk.

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