InVision Secure

With my current tools and systems, I cannot ensure that my safety and security information is truly comprehensive, up-to-date, and available for first responders and pertinent stakeholders.

In any emergency, whether a natural disaster or a man-made incident, the effectiveness of your response can mean the difference between lives saved or lost, and between property destroyed or protected. If your data is confined to disparate systems—or existing only on paper—it is difficult to verify that all your bases are covered.

InVision™ Secure for risk analysis, emergency planning, event planning, and emergency response helps you more effectively protect people, property, and assets. IVS uses location as the organizing principle to create order out of complex safety and security information. As previously isolated data comes together, you can visualize it on screen as you actually see it in the real world. Use maps to compare indoor floor plans (i.e., InVision FloorMaps), outdoor site plans, access control systems, CCTV feeds, and other asset locations and attributes—any information that is relevant to the safety and security of your people and facilities.

With IVS, planners and public safety officers have immediate access to accurate information about who and what is near and inside buildings and property. You can generate impact reports, intelligence packages, and maps (print, mobile, and online) that help you securely convey your emergency action plans to management, first responders, and other stakeholders.

Standalone or integrated with existing safety and security systems, InVision Secure provides a full set of features and capabilities to meet your safety and security requirements in three key areas:InVision Secure Facility Management

  • Analysis – Discover, understand, and document areas of risk with comprehensive geospatial analysis tools. Uncover underlying trends in historic incident data, weather history, and how well your existing security infrastructure addresses these and other threats.
  • Planning – Once you understand your risks, InVision Secure helps you develop pre-plans to address each threat. You can upload and georeference existing plans, sketch out new plans, or update facility information to fill data gaps. This framework allows for collaborative plan review and approval, as well as sharing with partners through secure web and mobile access.
  • Response – When an incident occurs, InVision Secure combines real-time intelligence with your pre-plan information to support rapid response, both indoors and outdoors. You and emergency responders will see everything from real-time weather reports to accurate building interior FloorMaps. You can edit and share this information on paper or more efficiently from a simple online user interface using computers and mobile devices.

InVision Secure Mission Critical Benefits

InVision Secure connects data silos to help you more accurately see and understand where things are, how they relate to their environment, and whether there are specific emergency response requirements—all critical insights in protecting lives and property.

  • Quickly validate decisions before, during, and after incidents. Easily visualize, analyze, interact with, and manage safety and security data from the portfolio level, down to a single campus/site, building, space, or asset. Use this comprehensive understanding of the physical environment and incident locations—both indoors and outdoors—to quickly substantiate vital decisions that protect people and property.
  • Improve communications. Use an easy-to-understand, visual, map-based interface to provide stakeholders access to accurate safety and security information. Use both desktop computers and mobile devices to streamline secure communications with authorized emergency responders and personnel before, during, and after incidents.
  • Better protect lives and property. Increase the accuracy of emergency response plans to save time in crisis situations while precisely guiding first responders both around and within facilities. Improve the effectiveness of your command center using InVision Secure to aggregate the various live data feeds needed to inform and manage emergency situations.

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