Ensure Public Safety for Large Scale Events

When it comes to safety and security, special events present distinct challenges. While these activities attract community visitors and residents alike, they also often require a wide range of public safety agencies to work collaboratively throughout event planning, coordination and operations—which can be a daunting task.

InVision Secure Event Planning

A complete, scalable toolset to support a wide range of activities and users throughout event planning, coordination, and operations.

InVision Secure Event Planning Solution

Whether it’s a professional sporting event, a political demonstration or a holiday parade, the public safety community expends tremendous effort to ensure the safety of attendees and participants as well as the surrounding population and property. While most people are focused on engaging in the event itself, the organizers and planners behind the scenes are juggling a flurry of security activities combined with an influx of crowds as they orchestrate logistics for multiple permanent and temporary venues.

The InVision Secure Event Management Solution provides a complete, scalable toolset to support a wide range of activities and users throughout event planning, coordination, and operations. PenBay InVision Secure provides a lens that brings focus to previously isolated, complex information by letting you visualize it on screen much as you would see it in the real world. Use maps to compare indoor floor plans, outdoor site plans, and asset locations and attributes—any data that is relevant to the safety and security of your events. InVision Secure comes together with Esri ArcGIS® Online to establish an exceedingly secure, highly available resource that helps you substantiate critical decisions about how to ensure public safety in your event environments. With the InVision Secure Event Planning Solution, you can:

  • Coordinate plan creation. With multi-organization plan development, you enable different groups and jurisdictions to create and update plan components without affecting others. Because the solution is role based, when you log in, you are presented only with the plan templates relevant to your organization. This means law enforcement, fire, emergency management and event staff can all create plan elements in a coordinated manner.
  • Manage the review and approval process. Leverage a plan review and approval framework that ensures only the official, approved plans are shared during operations. This critical capability makes certain that accurate information is used, not multiple variations of draft plans. The solution supports the management of submitted plans, the approval or rejection process, and triggers notifications to users at each step.
  • Share with everyone. The PenBay InVision Secure Event Management Solution leverages Esri ArcGIS Online to provide secure user access to the most up-to-date, approved plan data. Whether you are in the command center or in the field, you can all access the same time-aware event maps on your computers and mobile devices – and if an update is made, everyone sees it immediately. The solution also gives you the tools to print maps, daily IAP maps, and daily activity reports directly from the web.

The InVision Secure Security Event Planning is a tailored configuration of InVision software modules, including:

  • InVision Foundation: At the core of all InVision solutions is InVision Foundation. InVision Foundation provides the underlying platform upon which all the InVision modules and applications are empowered.
  • InVision Secure Security Planner Module: The InVision Secure Security Planning module can help you save lives through the creation and maintenance of digital emergency pre-plans using accurate, consolidated public safety data.

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