Ensure Safe & Effective Emergency Responses to Protect Your Students, Teachers, Staff & School

In the event of an emergency, whether a natural disaster or a man-made incident, the effectiveness of your response can mean the difference between lives saved or lost, and between property destroyed or protected. The basis for effective school emergency operations planning often lies in overcoming the challenges around having accurate, up-to-date information about the environment; planning for appropriate resource and personnel response; and understanding the physical environment and location of incidents.

InVision School Safety Portal

Better protect your students, teachers, staff and facilities by easily and securely putting your emergency operations plans online.

InVision Secure School Safety Portal

With the InVision Secure School Safety Portal (SSP), you can better protect your students, teachers, staff and facilities by easily and securely putting your emergency operations plans online. You can use the SSP to supplement your existing emergency planning efforts, eliminate any blind spots that may exist, and provide a secure framework for sharing this information throughout your school district and with first responders. This comprehensive approach means that planners and first responders have access to critical information before, during, and after an incident to effectively reduce the impact on your students, teachers, staff and school facilities. With the InVision Secure School Safety Portal, you can:

  • Keep students and personnel safe. Visualize accurate facility floor plans, emergency equipment and campus data online, on a map, to make it easier for emergency responders to bring your students and personnel to safety.
  • Reduce the negative impacts of incidents. Make your emergency operations plans securely and immediately accessible online to first responders and authorized personnel. You can also print to PDF and paper.
  • Protect your emergency plans. Even if your computers and documents are destroyed in a disaster, your data is securely stored online, offsite.
  • Keep accurate emergency plans. By workingin an online environment, your plans are more easily maintained and ultimately more useful for emergency personnel, better ensuring the safety of your students, teachers and staff.
  • Prevent injuries and loss of life. Rapidly access accurate building occupant records and contact information.

The InVision Secure SSP is an affordable, entry-level edition of InVision Secure℠ designed to meet the specific needs of K-12 schools and districts. It is well suited for independent schools and small to mid-size districts. If your organization has more complex needs, a full InVision Secure solution will include all these features plus the extra safety and security capabilities you require.

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