What’s New in InVision 2.3!

InVision™ Facilities GIS™ software  helps you solve both strategic and tactical challenges throughout the facility lifecycle—saving time and money, protecting lives and assets, and creating safe and productive environments for building occupants. InVision connects data silos by using location as the organizing principle to create order out of your prolific, ever-changing, and complex data.InVision

New in 2.3 are a number of tools to help you do your job faster and more efficiently, including:

  • Enhanced Integration Support
  • Support for Complex Labeling
  • Bulk Data Editing
  • Streamlined User Experience
  • System-wide Theme Administration
  • Move Management Enhancements

InVision Foundation Enhancements in 2.3

InVision™ Foundation links your disparate data sources and business systems together and lies at the core of all InVision solutions. Even when you’re not the data owner for the information you need, InVision accepts data from external sources and lets you drill down to any level of detail. As InVision Foundation integrates and georeferences your data, it provides lenses that bring focus to the information most relevant to helping each user achieve their assigned objectives.

Features Include:

  • Enhanced Integration Support; End Users can more easily share a specific map view or record information, while developers can programmatically pass parameters to and from external applications, making it even easier to integrate InVision with other enterprise applications.
  • Support for Complex Labeling Create meaningful labels for your InVision data by combining multiple fields, whether that’s ‘First Name, Last Name’ or more complex composite labels for individual records.
  • New Bulk Update capability  means you can bulk edit selections of tabular data and drastically reduce time. Simply create your selection in InVision, choose the value you want to apply, and the updates will be made across all selected records.

Learn More About InVision Foundation

  • New App Template for Data Management provides direct data access for both tabular & spatial records and their related entities, allowing you to create and edit data from a spreadsheet centric view.
  • Streamlined User Experience across the entire InVision suite provides a more productive user experience. This includes everything from helping new users get access to InVision, providing custom disclaimers, to accessing application instances more quickly on desktop and mobile.
  • Theme Administration means the overall look and feel of InVision is now completely configurable through your admin tools, including the ability to pick system colors, logos, and user flow text.

InVision FM Enhancements in 2.3

InVision FM helps you improve efficiency and reduce costs by helping you visually interact with spaces and assets in ways that validate vital operations and maintenance decisions.

InVision FM has always supported move management for small and large moves, but with InVision 2.3, there is expanded support for Bulk Space Data Updates, Import/Export of Spreadsheets as part of Move Projects, and an expanded set of Standard Applications that ship with InVision FM out of the box.

InVision FM Enterprise Space Management Updates

For space managers, the InVision 2.3 release includes the ability to apply common attribute edits across a large selection of identified spaces. Gone are the days of editing space records one at a time.


InVision FM New Standard Apps

InVision FM now includes a whole new set of standard applications which work out of the box, helping organizations get productive more quickly.  It also builds on a new streamlined user experience to help users find what they need to get their job done.


InVision FM Enterprise Move Management Enhancements

New enhancements to the Move Management capabilities of InVision FM, which now specifically to support scenario planning for large move projects and distributed move teams. Export/Import/Validation support for Excel worksheet data makes it even easier for large teams.


InVision FM Move Management Mission Impacts:

The InVision FM Move Management solution streamlines MAC processes so moves are conducted efficiently, cost effectively, and with minimal disruption to employees. With IVFM for MAC, you can:InVision Move Management Solution

  • Maintain accurate data. Assign workgroups, departments, and personnel to spaces using visual, interactive FloorMaps, ensuring that space allocation and chargeback cost center data is accurate and up to date.
  • Optimize scenario planning processes to minimize costs. Use queries to build and save simple what-if scenarios before finalizing and undertaking move projects.
  • Save Time. Once a MAC project is complete, use InVision FM to perform a single bulk process to update active space assignment records to reflect the changes resulting from the move.