Warranty Policy

PenBay Solutions (PenBay) provides the following statement on our standard warranty policy:

PenBay offers a ninety (90) day product warranty for its software. If the item is found to not substantially conform to the published documentation or the media is defective, PenBay will (i) replace the non-conforming or defective item at any time during warranty period at no charge, or (ii) repair, correct or provide a work around for the non-conforming or defective item, or (iii) if (i) or (ii) do not resolve the issue, PenBay shall return the license fees for the item that is non-conforming or defective and Licensee shall uninstall, remove and destroy all copies of the defective item.

PenBay reserves the right to change this warranty policy or period at any time. Notification of policy changes will be posted here on this website.

CONTACT: info@penbaysolutions.com  |  207-230-0182

Software Purchasing and Refund Policy

If a defect is found and our technical support staff cannot provide a fix or work-around within 14 days, a refund can be offered by our technical support team who will then ask you to email in .pdf or fax us a signed declaration with:

  • A copy of your invoice – sent to you by email when you purchased the software
  • A description of the problem you found in the software
  • A signed statement that you have uninstalled the software and removed it from your computer