What’s new at the 2018.2 Release?

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The InVision 2018.2 release includes a number of important App Template enhancements as well multiple improvements to the Foundation configuration experience and system performance. This interim release sets the stage for the 2019 release coming out this summer.

Major Enhancements:


AttachmentsAsset Manager Updates

Used along with Explorer, Organizations can quickly inventory and assess the assets they care about in the field, and then use Asset Manager to begin to analyze, report, and plan for the future of those assets. Enhancements at 18.2 make it easier now to also understand records related to those assets, such as individual field assessments done in InVision, or historic work orders from an external system.

  • View Related – When working with assets, the records related to an asset are sometimes just as important as the asset itself. At the 18.2 release you can now view related records for an asset when viewing it in details view. This might be related assessments, inspections, or information from another system, and you can view and explore the details for whatever has been configured.
  • View Attachments – Field users in Explorer often add attachments to records, and at 18.2 users can now see and open those Attachments in Asset Manager as well.
  • Configure Related – Because every organization is different, this update to Asset Manager also allows a system administrator to configure which related entities are available to users in an app instance. Administrators can choose one or more related entities to make available, and the app is updated as soon as they click save.
  • Configuration Enhancements – The Asset Manager Configuration Assistant now supports easy to use field picker dropdowns when you want to specify your Filter and Summary fields in an app instance. You can pick the fields you want, specify the width, and they automatically update in the app for end users.

Draw to MeasureExplorer Updates

The Explorer application template is the swiss army knife of the InVision system, and has been configured for an impressive array of highly diverse needs across problem types and industries. Because this template gets used by so many different types of users, we have added some additional core capabilities at 18.2 which should make it even more valuable across the board.

  • Draw to Measure – This new drawing and measurement capability can be used in Explorer for all kinds of adhoc measuring needs, and works for both measuring lengths and areas outdoors as well as indoors on floorplans. This updated feature has been greatly simplified for quicker use and designed for use on the desktop, tablets, and touch enabled devices.
  • Default Tool Panel – When using the Explorer app for different needs, it’s often appropriate to have a different tool panel active when the app launches. At the 18.2 release, administrators can specify the active tool panel, and when the app launches it will be displayed. This might be automatically showing the Legend for a campus visitor map, or hiding the tool panel all together to focus on the map when the application loads.

Stack PlansSpace Manager Updates

Focused on the core needs of users managing and assigning space across their organization, the Space Manager application has added a couple small enhancements at the 18.2 release. These features focus on rounding out the already robust capabilities in the application today based on end-user feedback.

  • Additional Link Support – One of the more powerful ways to integration information in InVision is through Links. At 18.2 the Space Manager application template now supports links for Sites, Floors, and People – in addition to the already supported links for Buildings and Spaces.
  • Support for large Space Assignments – Many large organizations have a need to temporarily assign large numbers of people to space as either a parking lot or for hotdesking, and Space Manager now supports the ability to assign hundreds of people to a space if needed.
  • Space Data Playbook – Reaching your goals in space management takes time, and requires multiple steps in developing and improving your data. InVision now provides a comprehensive Space Data Playbook which walks you through this process step by step, describes options and strategies for each, and gives you the tools to take your data from Inventory all the way through Management. This Data Playbook is now available on the InVision Online Help Center

AM Configuraiton AssistantAdmin Updates

For the Administrators setting up and configuring InVision, the 18.2 release includes more control over

  • Asset Manager CCA – The Asset Manager CCA has multiple changes to make is easier to choose and configure Filter fields, Summary fields, as well as choose and configure Related entities for display
  • Explorer CCA – The Explorer CCA has two new enhancements at the 18.2 release, one for choosing the default panel for a new app instance, and another to enable or disable the Draw to Measure tool.

whats new at 2018
The InVision 2018.2 FM Package includes new applications, lots of new features, updated system administration capabilities, and a complete overhaul of the overall system design which focuses on usability and performance enhancements.
Check out the completeWhats New at InVision 2018.2, or contact us to schedule a demo.

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